Booq introduces new Vyper exo bag


Booq_vyper_exoJames got me hooked on Booq bags about two years ago and I’ve never regretted my purchase. I have a Booq backpack that carefully caresses my Toshiba M205 and would hold any 12-inch notebook quite capably. In fact, I use it to carry my Samsung Q1P and have plenty of spare space for external batteries, optical drives and more.

I just read that Booq introduced the Vyper exo for 15- and 17-inch MacBook Pros; the bags range in price between $175 and $195 and provide two layers of dense foam protection. Although I prefer a backpack model over a "suitcase" look, there is a shoulder strap as well for the Vyper exo. Also included is Booq’s TerraLinq™ service: essentially a unique ID for your bag that you register with Booq to aid in returning a lost bag. I especially like the way you can use your notebook right in the bag as well.

No, no, I’m not going to get all "Mac-centric" since my recent purchase, but you’ll be sure to hear me share "Mac and mobile" stuff if I find something interesting. In this ‘case’ (heh!) Windows notebook owners can also find a quality product from Booq as well; mine is easily the best bag I’ve ever owned.



Thanks for the great review, Kevin. I like the outside look of the bag, but the liner looks like that cheap import stuff. I’ll take a look, but I think I still prefer my Cargo and sleevecase from Waterfield Designs. I do like that spongy looking stuff on the exterior of this Booq, but I just can’t deal with the all-black. My Cargo has the lead “indium” on it so it’s still professional looking, but also cool. They also make sleeves for all the PC’s too so it’s pretty versatile.


Off topic but a tid bit of info:
The samsung q1p with vista that is suppose to be out here in a day or two in U.S. markets,
I called today to CDW to find out status of their orders. They are currently back ordered status not only because the 1st shipment has not yet come in, but, also becuase Target has placed an order back in early Jan of 07. So is Target going to sale these units at select locations or are they going to use them in their work enviroments?

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