Avaya to add Voice to Google Apps

Avaya announced today it would move to integrate its communications products with the Google Apps initiative, giving Google a partner with enterprise chops in its battle against Microsoft for the hearts and minds of corporate IT.

The holy grail of integrated communications — marrying voice with IM, email and presence applications — is a yet-unrealized promise, one that has brought Microsoft and Nortel together most recently. Avaya says its partnership with Google will focus first on integration with Avaya’s IP Office product, an IP telephony suite for small- and medium-sized businesses, with availability scheduled for later this year. By then, we should have heard more from Cisco as well. For enterprise IT, the competition can only be a welcome thing.

WWD IconHere is a head-to-head comparison of Google Apps and Microsoft Office Live, via the good folks at WebWorkerDaily who make an argument for both offerings, and what makes sense for whom.

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