Qualcomm Hopes Cingular Deal Will Sway Nokia

Qualcomm CEO Paul Jacobs has said that GSM operator AT&T’s (nee Cingular) decision to go with MediaFLO “could be a way to bring Nokia and Qualcomm together’, reports Reuters. He seems to think that the new common ground will aid the talks about how much Nokia should pay to license Qualcomm’s patents, although I can’t really see how.
Ciol.com has an article about 3GSM outlining the new technologies there, and it starts with a talk about the MediaFLO/DVB-H battle. Nokia is confident that DVB-H will become a global standard, but Qualcomm has pretty much won the US and got some good indications from some significant international players — not to mention those that decide on a mobile broadcast TV technology other than DVB-H or MediaFLO. Qualcomm’s multi-standard chips will probably be followed by similar prodcuts from other companies, helping to ensure that various handsets will work with both technologies and one won’t get the upper hand with economies of scale.

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