30% of U.S. Households to Have Wii by 2011?


It’s hard to imagine a world where people are completely upbeat about the odds of the Nintendo Wii. It’s not like half of the news on the Internet is about how great the Wii is or how many puppies it has saved from drowning. Well, since the Wii is so put upon, I feel that I must report some good news about it for once. According to an analyst at Merrill Lynch, by 2011, 30% of all American households should have a Wii.

In a feature on GameDaily, Yoshiyuki Kinoshita, analyst with Merrill Lynch, has predicted that 30% of all U.S. households will own a Nintendo Wii by 2011. Though that number is high, it’s even higher in Japan where the prediction is 33%. The Wii is definitely on a roll, and the January numbers prove it. In the U.S., according to the NPD, the Wii sold 436,000 units as compared to 299,000 of the PS2, which took second place. It was even more insane in Japan, where, according to Famitsu, the Wii claimed 68% of the console sales for the month.

This is, of course, great news for Nintendo. This whole thing is turning out to be a Cinderella story. Well, if Cinderella was the all-enompassing overlord of the market originally, made some poor moves and then ended up singing with portly mice.


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