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Wreck & Salvage Sponsorship on eBay

A collaboration featuring some of my favorite web show producers, Wreck & Salvage, is auctioning off an opportunity to sponsor the first week of their new show. The winner of the auction gets their name, site and a short clip mentioned in the title card of the first two episodes, and a banner ad on the site for a week — they’ve provided an example of their intro to see how it would work.

It’s a new wrinkle in the world of wrangling sponsors for web video projects, and I’m sure will be watched closely by other creators. As Wreck & Salvage contributor Erik Nelson of Bottom Union points out, “We have no market value, now is the time to buy!” Other show contributors will include Adam Quirk of Bullemhead, Chris Weagel of Human Dog, Aaron Valdez of Valdezatron Industries and Milt Sherwood of Fur Pajamas — all experienced producers of quality web video content. At the current high bid of $51, it seems like a bargain not to be missed.

5 Responses to “Wreck & Salvage Sponsorship on eBay”

  1. I love these guys so much that if I weren’t already engaged and the W&S guys weren’t all in varying states of “spoken for” and if I weren’t too old for them anyway I’d charter a minibus to the Catskills and lock us all away together for a really long winter with nothing to live on but Top Ramen and hot Ovaltine with Kaluha.

    But, alas, no can do. So I’ll just throw money at them.

    This is an excellent way for them to gather funds and much-deserved attention…and they can do it again and again!

  2. Thanks for the story Jackson.

    These guys are smart and talented. I hope we see more auctions like this and are able to build a market place for selling advertising, sponsorships and product placement on everyones’ videos.

    Now about the auction itself … that dirty rotten Schlomo has a maximum automatic high bid set on this auction that is outbidding the French Maids. This could get ugly.