Tofu Makes Reading Easier to Digest

We hear so much these days about writing apps that make it easier to focus by blanking everything else out. But what about apps that make digesting the written word a little easier? Most options are vertical-scrolling which takes little advantage of the prevalence of wide screen displays. Wouldn’t it be easier to read columns stacked horizontally?

Well that’s just what Tofu does for you. Drop your text file into Tofu, and you get a nice, newspaper-esque presentation of the material for easy reading. You can set the preferred sizing of the columns, and find the sweet spot that’s most comfortable for your reading pleasure. Tofu makes the act of focusing on just your reading a step further by integrating Spoken Commands through OS X’s voice command interface. So you don’t even have to use the mouse to scroll side to side, just tell the computer and it’ll handle it for you.
So if you’re looking for a nice program for reading all the stuff that people are apparently writing with the likes of WriteRoom and such, then Tofu – which is freeware – may be a good fit for you.