The trigger is pulled: here comes a Mac Book Pro


After seeing this deal on a refurbished Mac Book Pro, my finger clicked for the purchase before my wallet had time to react. I really want to replace the one desktop I have with something mobile, but I also want to run XP and Vista. Plus, as I alluded to in prior comments, I want to be a more well-rounded computer user. I think this meets all those needs…let the journey begin!


Muliadi Jeo

I think you will love the Mac/Windows combination. I’ve been using Mac Mini running Parallel software (with Windows 2003 Server installed) for the last 3 months now. Office applications running inside Parallel and home media and Internet stuff with Mac. So far it is perfect. Of course for mobility, I still use my beloved Samsung Q1.

Kevin C. Tofel

I paid less than for a new one John…at least that’s what I keep telling myself. Good second question and one that probably helps explains why I’m divorced. Luckily, “Miss Barbara” is EXTREMELY supportive. Everytime you readers thank us for what we do, I pass that along to my much better looking half! :)

John in Norway

You paid how much for a secondhand computer????

What does Mrs Tofel have to say?

Tablet PC User

KCT is very adventurous these days…First he gets a Zune then a second UMPC (“Samantha”) and now a MBP.


Kevin C. Tofel

Sorry to upset the apple cart Mike. RE: rumored MacBook mini; I’m tired of waiting on rumors and I’m compensating for my small stature. ;)

Mike Cane

Now you’ve gone and done it. Upset that whole space-time continuum thing. Doctor Who shall hear of this!

Besides, why didn’t you wait for the rumored MacBook mini?

Code E

After a few mobile tech roundups JK will get one. Thats my bet, any takers?


Kevin, come back to the dark side! It’s not too late. And see what you did for me getting a MB Pro? I’m screwed, dude. :(

Tax Man

Hey KCT,
Congrats on the purchase! I’ve been really happy with my MacBook Amateur model. I went back to boot camp on it because I tried using Parallels with the boot camp partition and that was a bust on a laptop. I put the computer to sleep and screwed up my ability to boot in either OS. I run Parallels on my Mac Mini at work in a virtual drive and it runs flawlessly, albeit a little slower than Boot Camp.

Kevin C. Tofel

The Wife of JK: gee….I guess now is a bad time to mention it was a Buy One Get One deal too….jk owes me half of the purchase price… ;)

Matt, the REAL reason I bought this is to make you feel better by buying something YOU already had. :)

Matthew Miller

WooHoo, now we can record the podcast with GarageBand, maybe even from my garage with my MacBook Pro.

I just upgraded my hard drive to 160GB and loaded Vista in Parallels, which works like a champ so far! I was going to do a dual boot with Boot Camp, but with Parallels constantly improving the features and functionality I did not find the need at this time.

Last time, I bought my Samsung Q1, Qbacca, because of all your posts so it is nice to see you bought something after I already had one and talked a bit about it :)

The Wife of JK

Dude, I was totally releived to see that you wrote that article. For a minute I thought JK was bringing yet another gadget into the house! So it’s with great relief that I say, “Enjoy your new toy when it arrives!”


I currently use a 17″ G4 PowerBook (the latest before they switched to Intel) and an HP TC4200 tablet. The combination is proving to be very nice, and I’m thinking of switching the tablet down to a smaller lighter slate only, UMPC, or small size like the Fujitsu P1610.

Macs aren’t perfect, but you will find they are much less irritating than their Windows counterparts and are far more stable – resets only happen periodically, as opposed to once a week (or once a day!).

You’ll love it. Happy computing.

Kevin C. Tofel

Dude, I’m not completely clueless….we went ring shopping this past weekend. Doesn’t that qualify me for a free mobile tech pass?!?! ;)

Patrick Perez


Not only did I purchase a 15.4″ McBook Pro last week at the Apple Refurb Store, I posted about it to friends with the same subject line (I just pulled the trigger on a MacBook Pro).

I bought it for much the same reason. Plus, as an IT support manager, I’m kind of getting tired of Windows patching .

I guess like minds think they’re great.

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