Store, Develop, and Share ideas

acorn For a lot of people, ideas flow throughout the day, and if we don’t snatch them and write them down, we usually end up forgetting them. Then there are the multiple hours spent trying to regain our thoughts. I have found that carrying a simple notebook wherever I go is an easy way to alleviate losing ideas. When it comes to packing light however, my trusty Blackberry MemoPad does the trick. When I get to my computer, I can easily sync and store it in my Outlook. However, it’s not always easy to search using tags to locate a specific note when needed, and sharing is impossible with this route. Enter Acorn.

I’m always on the lookout for applications that can organize my thoughts and help me manage them a bit more. That’s why I was excited when Emily posted about Acorn. It’s a free web-based application that organizes and shares thoughts and ideas. Users can create and store ideas in an Idea List, complete with an idea title, tags, and descriptions, making for easy searchablity through the search tool. Any time you wish to add to your idea, you can simply update it. If you wish to share notes to team members or contacts, send an invite to their email address and give them permissions on your idea document.

I will be trying this out for the next little while to see how it works for my ideas. Given that there is no way to export idea text, unfortunately I don’t think it will fair out to well for me. I like to archive and store documents on my machine and transfer them around at will.


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