Sharp’s EM ONE- HSDPA and dedicated graphics


Fans of PDAs with sliding keyboards that make text entry easier must be drooling over Sharp’s new EM ONE Windows Mobile Pocket PC.  The ONE is designed for data with the integrated HSDPA connectivity and the 800 x 480 pixel screen.  The ONE is set apart from other WM devices by the nVidia GoForce 5500 graphics chipset and the huge memory of 512 MB/ 128 MB flash.  There’s not much not to like about the EM ONE except the inclusion of Windows Mobile 5.0 instead of the newly announced WM6.

Sharp EM ONE

(via engadget)


Mike Cane

Bleh! More WinMob. Yecch.

But I hope they’ll surround and (Dalek voice on) exTERRRRRminate the Nokia (anti-)Internet Tablet.

Gates will have earned a Nobel then!

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