PS3 Sales Slip Behind the Wii… AND the 360!


The NPD Group, a research firm based that tracks consumer and retail market trends, has released their list of video game sales statistics for the month of January and it shows Nintendo in the lead. The Nintendo Wii, which launched in November, has had the good fortune of consistently selling out all over the world, and taking 34% of the January market, while the Sony PS3, well, hasn’t. In fact, according to the latest round of numbers, the Wii almost outsold the PS3 by 200,000 units.

Continuing its sales frenzy throughout January, the Nintendo Wii sold 436,000 units(34%) in the January, followed by the PS2 at 299,000 units (24%), the 360 at 294,000(23%) and the PS3 bringing up the rear at 244,000 units (19%). So what’s this tell us? It tells us that the one year old XBox 360 is outselling the newly released PS3, and it’s not due to stock restrictions. The real test for all of these consoles will be this November/December. However, for Nintendo this report is good news.


Jon B

The PS2 sells for $100 and still has some killer titles (God of War 2 is coming out PS2 exclusive and who DOESNT want to play Guitar Hero [1 or 2]. What? Then you haven’t tried it yet.)

Now with Sony calling it quits on new PS2 titles… that might change the game or kill the console.

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