Nokia and Intel drop 3G module plans

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You may not have realized that Intel and Nokia have been working on a 3G module for notebooks that would integrate high speed wireless connectivity onto the mother board.  The module would be based on GSM and owners of notebooks would simply need to pop in a SIM card to be 3G-enabled.  If you weren’t aware of the joint development between the two giants don’t feel bad, they recently announced they are scrapping the plans to develop the module.

We have, together with Intel, cancelled the HSDPA module cooperation in the form we formerly announced. We are still looking at the HSDPA module case from a technological point of view, but no decisions have been made on commercializing it,” said Eija-Riitta Huovinen, a Nokia spokeswoman.

We both saw that there was not an adequate business case,”

This is too bad and surprised me that as 3G coverage is expanding in the US that the companies couldn’t find a business case to go forward with the development of the module.  I guess there are fewer people using 3G technology than I thought.

(via neowin)

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I don’t think it’s a matter of how many people are using 3G but of how long 3G will be around. Intel is pushing WiMax and expects to see it in use in a couple of years. Existing 3G solutions will continue to grow until then, but ironically Intel’s WiMax plan is closing the window on future 3G solutions. I’m sure they’re more sensitive (and optimistic) on that issue than everyone else.

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