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NHL, YouTube embed update

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Looks like a case of the right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing — or maybe some old hockey puck head injuries are haunting the NHL folks. Now the latest word from the NHL is that the problem with the blocking of some of its YouTube embeds yesterday was due to both an “internal miscommunication,” and an internal “technical glitch” which have since “been corrected.”

“Someone made a technical mistake, not deliberate, it wasn’t detected right away, once it was, it was fixed…so there was an element of both [miscommunication and technical glitch].” — NHL PR

So the NHL says it is a glitch on their end which has now been fixed. Fair enough. Hopefully that “someone” didn’t lose their job or land in the corporate penalty box.

Only other weirdness is that earlier this morning, NHL’s Mark Fischel was quoted saying that YouTube was the culprit, according to this site (the site has since been changed):

Hope things are well, and please try to get this out to the bloggers who have been talking about this. The problem was a glitch in the system on Youtube’s end and is fixed now. It isn’t the NHL’s policy to prevent embedding of videos.

So more miscommunication in the morning’s PR response. Final answer — NHL says we screwed up and it’s now fixed and we will still allow embedding. Game on!

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