Musings of a mobile maven in the field

JK Icon mediumI always wanted to use the word “maven” in a post, hope it means what I think it does.  I have a little free time between meetings so I’m sitting in a coffee shop and thinking about the mobile lifestyle and other things so here goes:

The guy to my left is sitting in a chair reading a real book!  Not a paperback book either, this one has a hard cover!  What will they think of next?  It’s the same book as one of the 50+ books I have in my Smartphone, too.

The guy to my right is writing in one of those little day planner books.  He’s writing and writing and a month from now he won’t remember what he wrote or more importantly where to find it. Unless he’s a lot more organized than me, which is likely.  Quick, where’s your day planner from 1998?

The guy in front of me (what, no women in coffee shops during the day?) is using a real honest-to-goodness BlackBerry and checking his email.  I work with quite a few people who use BlackBerries and I must admit they do email very, very well.  Anyway, this guy is opening one email at a time on his magic electronic email box and guess what he’s doing next?  Writing what is apparently the entire contents of each email in a little book like guy #2 is using.  What’s up with that?  If these guys only knew how I could revolutionize their mobile lifestyle in less than 30 minutes.

The WiFi hotspot in this coffee shop is very erratic speed-wise so I fired up EV-DO Rev A.  Mucho mas rapido.

It’s good to be me. 


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