Lindsay Lohan meets Lonelygirl15


From fake vlogger to movie star, Jessica Lee Rose (AKA lonelygirl15) has turned her moment in the YouTube sun into a film project featuring everyone’s favorite prodigal ingenue, Lindsay Lohan. Rose has dutifully posted to her MySpace page about working with Lindsay, kicking off the production’s promotional effort in style.

I filmed my first scenes not long ago and was introduced to Lindsay, and from what I saw she is not how the press portrays her. In my opinion she seemed very sweet and funny and absolutely beautiful!

jessica-rose.jpgMaybe fake vlogging will do for I Know Who Killed Me what real blogging couldn’t for Snakes on a Plane.

This would mean she’s probably done shooting her film debut, The Perfect Sport. Rose is represented by Untitled Management. Why am I reminded of the jump Colleen Haskel made from Survivor to Rob Schneider’s The Animal?


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