GrandCentral adding Gizmo support: one number to rule them all

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Grandcentral_logo We’ve mentioned GrandCentral before, but in case you’re not familiar: it’s a phone service that provides you a single phone number. You then control when and where calls to that number get forwarded to, so that you can be at home, work, on a cell, etc…and always get your calls routed to where you are. I have a GrandCentral number, but I’m not using it just yet; I use call forwarding between cells at the moment.

Paul Kapustka over at GigaOm mentions that GrandCentral will be supporting Gizmo Project numbers as well, which adds a VoIP / SIP component to the mix. I’m still hooked on Skype, so I’m outta luck, but the ability to forward your GrandCentral calls to a computer via Gizmo for free is pretty appealing if you’re always on-line. Hey…that would be me…. ;)

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skype? i have grandcentral forwarding my calls to my cell, my work phone, and my skype in number. i like to think of grand central as a paging system.

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