Give Your Mac Location Awareness

LifeHacker links an interesting utility (that’s new to me), called Home and Away. It’s sort of a Do Something When, but based on your Mac’s IP address. You can set drives to mount automatically when the address an address is detected, but you can also set files or applications to launch. There are a lot of neat possibilities with a utility like this, and I can’t wait to dig-in to see some of the things I can come up with here.

Oh and a little tip when trying to set it up:
If you’re connecting to different locations that offer up dynamic addressing via DHCP, you can use your current ip address, but enter a zero in the 4th octet of the address, effectively creating a wild card. So it would look something like if your ip address shows up as (at least it seemed to work as such in my quick test) That way when you reconnect later, and that .17 ip address isn’t available, Home & Away will still know where you are and what you’ve assigned it to do in that location.


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