Vodafone Chooses MS IM Over Open IM

The Register has some commentary about Vodafone choosing Microsoft’s mobile instant messaging service over the open one the GSM Association was trying to get going. “Vodafone and Orange were at the heart of last year’s IM announcement and were said to be extremely keen to be the first to get IM interoperability working on their devices, while Orange wanted to offer a common IM service between Orange customers and Wanadoo broadband customers…Now it looks like Microsoft will even host the Vodafone IM traffic. With Vodafone and Orange no longer supporting the IM consortium that was launched last year, deserting the independent IM idea, it’s now unlikely that anyone will continue with it, especially since the idea was supposed to be ready during 2006, and nothing has been heard of it since.”
According to the article the carriers wanted their own IM to avoid eating into their SMS revenues, and therefore their profits…but they found that hosting such a network was too daunting.