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TV Advertising Upfront Coming; So Is More Change

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The upcoming upfront, that annual ritual when networks show their new offerings to advertisers and sell space based on them, is giving many wags an opportunity to consider how the business has changed — and will continue to do so. In the Hollywood Reporter, Diane Mermigas reports on how the new metrics and value propositions offered by newcomers such as Google and Yahoo foretell a “change that will one day grip TV advertising.” Mermigas argues that traditional media outlets “eventually will find a way to retain the more than $60 billion advertisers spend annually on television” and they’ll do so “by leveraging their branded networks not only across many new interactive media platforms but through a new interactive television-connected media hub that Apple, Microsoft and others plan to carve out of the average American living room beginning this year.” Her lengthy article takes on some possible matchups and warns current media players to change quickly because “advertisers now appear willing to break from convention to follow targeted consumers into customized, niche spaces.” Not breaking news, but a good roundup.