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Ebay Readies Online Ad Marketplace For March Launch

The eBay Media Marketplace, the online auctioneer’s interactive TV advertising exchange, plans to launch March 15 — just in time for the 2Q scatter market. Christi Korzekwa, director of media for Home Depot, told Mediapost a beta version of the system is finished and is currently being reviewed by networks, marketers and agencies that may be interested in participating. The steering committee includes marketing executives from Home Depot, Intel, Toyota, Hewlett-Packard and Microsoft and top agency execs Bill Cella, DraftFCB; Ray Warren, Carat; Steve Grubbs, PHD; and Peggy Green, Zenith. Representatives from the ANA and AAAA are quasi-adjuncts. While no networks have signed on yet to participate in the launch, a group of marketers are nevertheless committed. And while they may not deliver on the stated goal of raising a combined $50 million in spending, Korzekwa said the pool would be substantial enough to attract sellers. They are targeting cable nets. Wal-Mart remains in the mix despite the firing of Julie Roehm, the marketing exec who helped push the online exchange from idea to reality.
There has been some speculation that committee members might signal their commitment to the system is so strong that if networks decline to join, they would sit out the 2Q scatter market entirely. Although the proposed system does allow for some negotiation involving product placement and other newfangled benefits, committee members said the system is not intended to replace the traditional one-on-one, face-to-face negotiations that transpire for prime real estate during the upfront or for very complex multi-platform deals. “It frees me up, and frees my agency up. And hopefully, frees networks up for inventory that they really need to focus on, and they can spend more time doing that,” Korzekwa said.
We should hear more next week when the committee gives an update at the AAAA Media Conference in Las Vegas.
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2 Responses to “Ebay Readies Online Ad Marketplace For March Launch”

  1. I've used the ebay media marketplace.

    It fails because cable networks are trying to use it as an avenue to get media buyers to pay higher rates that are far out of line of reality. Of course it is doomed to failure when it is used as another method of trying to gouge potential advertisers.

  2. As a TV salesperson for over 14 years, I've always been able to recognize and accept the difference between business that was transactional and business that required much more attention.

    Although many traditional TV sales people might not accept the 'transactional' nature of the Ad Marketplace, I think that in some cases it will be an excellent and efficient way to get things done.

    There will always be a need for contact between buyers and sellers, specifically with Biz Dev and for other things like sponsorships, features and product placement etc..

    Who knows……using tools like Ad Marketplace might free up more time for stations to develop new TV clients.

    Mitch Drew
    Channel M