On YouTube boobs no, violence yes


newteeveelogo When given the choice between sex and violence, sex would generally seem the preferable option. Instead, if you take a look at YouTube and other popular video sharing services, it seems violence is okay, but sex is not. Continue reading at NewTeeVee.com



You know the answer right? Rape videos!

You got your violence in my sex. No, you got your sex in my violence! Two great things that go great together!

Markus Breuer

Hmmm .. not trying to come over as too hypocritical, but: what’s new with that? Hasn’t it allways been a great American tradition that killing people (especially the bad guys) is fine while exposing a nipple or (God beware) a penis will bring down gods wrath on you?

This is so deeply engrained in the society, that – from a purely business point of view – it makes a lot of sense for Google/YouTube to follow this tradition. Anything else would probably result in too much bad press in the US mainstream media.

Werner Egipsy Souza

Indian Cinema is no different!
There was a big hue and cry over a kiss when the violence shows no sign of toning down.
I guess YouTube is just following the trend, rather than bucking it!



We need violent kids to replenish our Army. What we don’t need is too many of them.

Dilip Andrade

Moses Znaimer, a Canadian media type, once ran a special on his station that touched on the different treatments of sexuality and violence in American Cinema.

The special made reference to Radiohead’s OK Computer video, which had to be edited in the US for cartoon sexual content, but the violent cartoon content of dismembering a body was allowed.

I believe (but I may be wrong) that Mr. Znaimer was the one who observed that the safest way to show an exposed female breast in the American media was to show it being shot. The acceptance of violence would likely overcome the nudity objections.

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