Nab a Vista Home Premium Tablet PC for less than a grand


Gateway_cx210Contrary to popular belief, a Tablet PC doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. For just an arm $949.99, you can grab a Gateway CX210S with Vista Home Premium pre-installed. Now the Gateway tablets tend to be rather large and heavy: the CX210S is no exception with a 14-inch WXGA screen. The weight must be embarrassingly high as well; I couldn’t find it on the Gateway site, but I’d suspect we’re talking at least 6 or 7 pounds for this convertible tablet.

Still, for folks that don’t want a small-screen UMPC at or near the same price, this could be a nice entry level stepping stone into the world of Tablet PCs. You’ll get a capable machine with 1 GB of RAM, 80 GB drive and Intel Core Duo running at 1.73 GHz (not 1.73 Hz as stated on the product page….at least I hope it’s not Hz!)



I heard that tablet had a lot of manufacturing problems, that people were facing a real tech nightmare, with screen malfunctions, HD crash, keyboard not responding, etc. Is it still the case?

Fabian Dietrich

Yes, weight IS ridiculously high. I am the not-so-proud-anymore owner of a Gateway Convertible. 4 months of going to classes with a 3 kilo monster are enough to make me want to switch to an R2H. Now I’m saving again… *sigh*

In al fairness though, battery life kicks ass on my Gateway. a good 6 hours sans wifi and with lowest screen brightness.



Unfortunately with weight that high many users who will ‘try’ tablet technology this way will often not understand the true benefit because it is too large to lug around. I know at least 3 students at my school who still carry paper pads over tablets they have at home. And even more unfortunately they tend to spread a vibe that “tablets aren’t so great” because they have a feature that they really can’t make use of. A sentiment I am quick to fight against with my handwarmer – the Motion LS800. (And yes, the heat is super welcome in the vasty Wisconsin winter).


Gateways support site lists it as being 6.2 to 7.25 lbs depending on component options selected.
I’m actually replacing my Portege 3505 with a Gateway CX2620 which is on the same chassis as the CX210 and lists the same weight.
Although its a refurb, its very well equipped and is Vista Ready.
Should be here today or tomorrow so I’m anxiously waiting.


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