Nab a Vista Home Premium Tablet PC for less than a grand

Gateway_cx210Contrary to popular belief, a Tablet PC doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. For just an arm $949.99, you can grab a Gateway CX210S with Vista Home Premium pre-installed. Now the Gateway tablets tend to be rather large and heavy: the CX210S is no exception with a 14-inch WXGA screen. The weight must be embarrassingly high as well; I couldn’t find it on the Gateway site, but I’d suspect we’re talking at least 6 or 7 pounds for this convertible tablet.

Still, for folks that don’t want a small-screen UMPC at or near the same price, this could be a nice entry level stepping stone into the world of Tablet PCs. You’ll get a capable machine with 1 GB of RAM, 80 GB drive and Intel Core Duo running at 1.73 GHz (not 1.73 Hz as stated on the product page….at least I hope it’s not Hz!)


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