MTV is Poised for a Comeback


Still think Viacom is stuck in the old media mud? Robert Young would beg to differ in a post over on GigaOM Tuesday where he details why he thinks Sumner Redstone and the folks over there have a good thing going, especially with their made-for-online-sharing content found on MTV and other Viacom properties:

Simply put, Viacom has the richest resource of short-form, high-production-quality videos in the media world… exactly the same kind of “video snacks” that are so popular on online video-sharing sites like YouTube. But given that, the real key to success depends on how Viacom goes about unleashing their video assets onto the Internet… In short, Viacom needs to pursue a strategy that causes death by a thousand cuts.

Read more in the full post over on GigaOM.

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