Motorola Looking for New Developers

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Motorola has just announced a new contest, looking for new developer talent. Between the Virgin Airlines developer contest and this new offering from Motorola, you’d think this is contest season. Either way, it’s apparently a good time to be an indie game developer who’s interested in mobile technology because, if you’re one of the two developers chosen, you get to see your work published by I-play and Motorola.

In co-operation with Microsoft, Sun Microsystems and I-play, Motorola announced a new competition called the MOTODEV Game Developer Challenge. This new contest is designed to discover and reward “independent developers that are coding to create ‘the next big thing’ in mobile gaming.” The contest will be judged in two different categories: Best Java Game and Best Windows Mobile Game. In a report by Yahoo, Christy Wyatt, VP, ecosystem and market development for Motorola had the following to say:

“Aligned with the principles of our MOTODEV developer network, the MOTODEV Game Developer Challenge is all about enabling breakthrough innovation and creating the best consumer experiences. We’re pleased that with I-play and our partners, we can enable developers to really push the envelope in bringing exciting new entertainment offerings to the mobile user.”

Submissions to the challenge by registered MOTODEV developers are accepted until August 10th, 2007. Prizes range from being published to receiving advice from the judges. Hopefully we’ll see some interesting entries get turned into even better games.

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