LisaNova Debuts on MADtv


By Minic Rivera

Over the weekend, Lisa Donovan, better known by YouTubers as LisaNova, made her network television debut on FOX’s MADtv.

If it wasn’t spectacular, neither was it a pratfall, and it might not have even been noticable as anything out of the ordinary had we not been so interested in the online star-crosses-the-chasm element of it all. In an interview with Lisa afterward, she acknowledged the fact that it was because of the video-sharing site that she is seeing some success and crossing over at mainstream entertainment. She is not, however, turning back on her YouTube roots.

“How could I leave the place that has given me so much,” Lisa said.

With the kids still awake due to it being the weekend, and with MADtv sketches usually exploring sexual and explicit terms, I proceeded watching the show with caution. Opening credits introduced Lisa Donovan.

The sketches prior to Lisa Donovan’s appearance were all hilarious, especially the mashup of Grey’s Anatomy and House. Just imagine Bobby Lee playing the role of Sandra Oh. Oh my! Lee also played as backup dancer in a Gwen Stefani music video. Totally hilarious.

And I waited patiently for Lisa’s appearance.

Arden Myrin entered as Ellen Degeneres. She sounds and looks like Ellen. She called in her guest Salma Hayek played by no other than the reason why I watched the show, Lisa Donovan. The first thing I noticed was the breast augmentation done by the show on her. I should have known. She is spoofing Salma Hayek. She sure is pretty and can keep up with the looks of Salma. She passed her first appearance in MADtv but she was not as versatile as she is as LisaNova. Her acting was totally different. First-day jitters, maybe, for her and me not getting used to seeing her on television. I’ll watch again next week.

After the show, we caught up with Lisa:

Minic Rivera: What were the differences in terms of production and acting in a videoblog and a television show?

Lisa Donovan: There are a lot of differences as well as similarities. Differences are that everything is on a much larger scale that there are more people working together, hair makeup, lighting, writers. Before it was just me, Danny my brother, and a camera. So there is less “run and gun.” Things are more planned out and discussed at MADtv. We rehearse and everything is professional.

Minic Rivera: How did your co-actors take you being the Queen of YouTube and crossing over to television entertainment?

Lisa Donovan: Everyone has been wonderful, helpful and supportive. I am a very lucky girl.

Minic Rivera: Any first day jitters?

Lisa Donovan: I was so nervous at the first live taping. It was my first acting job and there was an audience and everyone was there. But it was an amazing feeling. Lots of fun!


Frankilin Turdz

She absolutely does suck. The best YouTube actor is Brandon Hardesty. It’s common knowledge. Lisa “Nova” is a mean spirited, spamming, lying degenerate. I seriously hate her.

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