Just a short programming alert: after three days of no-sleep, jet lag is beginning to take its toll. You all know how lack of sleep is injurious to one’s grammer, so instead of inflicting more spelling-mistakes on you, I’m calling it an early night. See you tomorrow.



I am highly against the taking of pharmaceuticals, I’ll ride out a hangover `til 3pm just to avoid taking too much Advil. But when I travel from India to US or back, sleeping pills are a necessity. Get the lowest dose prescription you can from your doc and use it the 1st two or three nights after landing.

They don’t actually put me to sleep, but keep me from waking up, which is the key to get your body back on schedule. I can handle the severe drowsiness at 4 in the afternoon. But being in bed, wide awake, at 4am in India is cruelty. Counting car horns or dog barks doesn’t help.

Om Malik

okay, at least one person caught on! Trying to not make the same mistakes again. anyway still no sleep last night – crazy

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