Frenzic, From IconFactory


frenzicWith the slight exception of my Halo addiction, I’m really not much into playing video games (anymore). These days I’m more apt to play something along the lines of Minesweeper, or Zuma or something. But even those tend to hold my interest only so long…

But if you’re looking for something simple yet addicting, you may be interested in checking out IconFactory’s latest offering, Frenzic. It feels like the result of mashing Tetris with the game pieces from Trival Pursuit…And if that doesn’t clear things up, then go download it and see for yourself.

I’ve only been playing it a few minutes, so I can’t comment on it’s staying power, but I am definitely enjoying what I’ve seen so far. Worth a look if you’ve got some time to kill. And if you’ve got a lot of time to kill, it’ll set you back $14.95. If you want to hook into the online features that if offers (I haven’t dug that deep just yet) then a lifetime of access to that part of the game, along with the game license is $24.95.



Perhaps it’s just me, but I found it frustrating. The damn pieces never go where you want them to!


A-WE-SO-ME game! thanks for info and damn you together – midnight coming and i’m still playing :)

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