Freeware of the moment: Outlook on the Desktop


Do you live in Outlook? Want a way to have all of your Outlook information available on the desktop without it being too obtrusive? You might want to have a look-see at Michael Scrivo’s "Outlook on the Desktop" application; I saw it yesterday at Digital Inspiration and installed it this morning. For me, it’s a keeper due to:

  • The ability to have and interact with all of my Outlook info as part of my desktop.
  • The fantastic application preferences which (to my surprise!) allow it to fit on a small screen.

The application is supported on both XP and Vista; I double-checked the Vista claim and it works well. The idea is to put Outlook views on your desktop in a semi-transparent state. You can control the transparency level as well as the size and position of the information through the application preferences:


I had concerns that this wouldn’t fit on the 7-inch screen of Samantha, my Samsung Q1P, but she’s got the info right on the desktop so I always have my schedule, tasks or whatever else I need. You can only show one set of Outlook information at a time and you control that by right-clicking the tray icon for the app. Here you can see the control set to change between Calendar, Contacts, Inbox, Notes, and Tasks.


What’s amazing to me is that you can manipulate the views right on your desktop. For example: if you want to sort your desktop Inbox view by Date, just click Date in the desktop view, the same as you would for the full Outlook client! Here’s a pic of creating a new appointment in Vista; for this particular action, any selection opens up the Outlook client:


We’ve previously seen methods to get Outlook on your desktop as a usable background, but in just 15 minutes of using this application, I’m convinced it’s one of the best methods yet!


Gene Schmeling

I’m going to try this software so that I can see my calendar either right away or just using the [Windows Key] + [d] INSTEAD of multiple key stroke combinations. Thanks for point out this software!


Sorry Kevin didn’t see the complete post disregard my post about it working with vista. Will download and give it a try.


Great find, Kev! I’ve been using Active Desktop Calendar to similar effect, but it’s only been a substitute for having Outlook in the desktop. Going to download it tonight. Now I just need a way to ink directly into the calendar (without having to open a new item).

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