Console Games for Q1 ‘07: The GigaGamez Watch List

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Console games are what keeps us going during the dead times of the year. Now that we have three new toys to marvel over, what can we expect to see in the cold months before all the magic starts to happen? Let’s take a more in-depth look at the games that could save the PS3 from disaster, the Wii reaching new heights and the XBox 360 on course.

God of War II(PS2/PS3): This is an official no-brainer. With the sheer amount of copies that the original God of War sold, there is absolutely no doubt that the sequel is going to fly off the shelves as well, especially since the PS3 has very little else going on in the way of game releases. Look for God of War II to win numerous awards, review well and sell a couple million copies.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories(PS2): When Rockstar announced that they were going to develop GTA content for the PSP, people started paying attention. I know I was there on day one, when Liberty City Stories was announced. However many PSPs Sony may sell, though, Rockstar knows how to hedge a bet. After a few months of PSP exclusivity, GTA: Liberty City Stories came out for the PS2 with a budget title price of $19.99. Same deal for Vice City Stories. Sadly, there’s no enhanced version for the PS3, which is a shame considering what it could have done for the system. Oh well, at least GTA IV will be for the PS3. Look for brisk sales on this title.

Virtua Fighter 5(PS3): Ah, here we go. Here’s a PS3 game that people can actually look forward to… if you don’t want to wait for the 360 release in August. Fighter fans around the world completely love the Virtua Fighter series, and there’s a good reason for that: they’re very well-crafted games. Though Sony may not be happy with losing exclusivity on this title, at least they have it a good 6 months before the 360 release. Expect this game to sell to people who don’t like fighters as well because this and MotorStorm are about all we’re going to see that’s worthwhile on the PS3 for a couple of months. Speaking of which…

MotorStorm(PS3): You know, this may be just me, but why would you have your demo machine playing a game that won’t be released until 5 months after your console launch? Ahhhh, the mystery that is Sony. Anyway, something tells me that the reason they did this is because MotorStorm is a lot of fun. This is a title that could very well turn the PS3 around, and if nothing else, make the current owners happy with their purchase. With little else coming down in the next little while, MotorStorm is going to be a huge hit as far as the PS3 is concerned. Expect this title to sell really well, no questions asked.

Crackdown(XBox 360): You know, one good way to sell a game is to include something in that game that people really want. For instance: Zone of the Enders had a Metal Gear Solid 2 demo in it, and now Crackdown is coming with a Halo 3 beta invitation. I don’t honestly need to comment on the quality of this game since it’s going to sell like hot cakes no matter what because of the inclusion of the highly anticipated Halo 3 beta, but I’ll say this: it’s much better than Zone of the Enders. This one is going to sell like crazy and then show up in the used bin.

Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2(XBox 360): The Ghost Recon games always sell well, that’s just how it goes, and Advanced Warfighter is absolutely no exception. With the success that this title had in its original 360 release, we can look for this one to do very good business. Very little chance of failure on this title.

Wii Play(Wii): Finally, a little love for the Nintendo. Wii Play is a game that has been available in Europe and Japan for quite some time now, but is finally coming to the states. Wii Play has several different games including Shooting Range (a game similar to Duck Hunt) and Pool. The biggest selling point for Wii Play, however, isn’t the games: it comes with a Wii controller. When I was in a game store recently I asked the guy there if you can pre-order Wii Play still and he said no. Apparently, this game has had so many orders that they’ve already sold their initial allotment. Look for this game to fly off the shelves and be hard to find.

Those are my predictions for games to look out for. Not really any dark horses in there, but a strong list of possible best-sellers. I would also keep my eye on Project Offset, but don’t expect it for a few months yet. As always, please note any games we may have missed in our comments, and be sure to check out our Handheld and PC lists as well.

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