Apple updates WWAN software for HSDPA & EV-DO

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Apple_logoIf your MacBook or MacBook Pro glides through the ether using a 3G modem, make sure you check out the Apple support site: they posted a software update for WWAN users yesterday according to Infinite Loop. Here’s a rundown of what hardware / network is affected:

Cingular customers:
•Novatel Merlin XU870 ExpressCard (HSDPA)

Sprint customers:
•Novatel Wireless Merlin EX720 Express Card (EVDO Rev. A)
•Novatel Wireless Ovation U720 USB Modem (USB Adapter, EVDO Rev. A)

Verizon customers:
•Novatel XV620 ExpressCard (EVDO Rev. 0)
•Novatel V740 ExpressCard (EVDO Rev. A)
•Novatel Wireless Ovation U720 (USB Adapter, EVDO Rev. A)

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Matthew Miller

I’ve had the Novatel Ovation U720 from Sprint working on my MacBook Pro for a couple months, but it required initializing it on a PC and then a type of hack job to get it to work so it is great to see some official support now available. EV-DO Rev. A is awesome and hopefully I can now use the Sprint location-based features on my MacBook Pro and will have to give that a try.

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