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Warner Music Reaches Out To EMI, Again

EMI has received a bid approach from Warner Music, the latest twist in a seven-year battle in which the two music groups have tried to buy each other. “If a proposal is made, it will be considered with a particular focus on conditionality, the regulatory and operational risk profile, and on valuation in relation to the company’s standalone value and the value creation available from a combination,” EMI said in a statement.
Last July the two music firms terminated their pursuit of each other after a European court ruling over Sony Music and Bertelsmann’s BMG merger cast doubt over the chances of this deal.

One Response to “Warner Music Reaches Out To EMI, Again”

  1. Paulson Arknovich

    What about Roger Ames? The Board is expected to remove Eric Nicoli and replace him with Roger to successfully allow for the merger or sale to Private Equity to happen. Levy and Munns are also attempting to buy the company and then sell the recorded music division to Warner and keep the publishing arm. Levy has an axe to grind. Nicoli has his pelvis to grind. Ames is merely the natural fit.