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I don’t typically like reporting on all the rumors that abound. So much of it is just fluff created for buzz that it’s borderline annoying. But my inner-geek always likes to hope… So what’s your favorite rumor of late? The most recent that sound interesting to me are “MacBook Mini” notebooks, or redesigned Mac Pros. Any validity to these? I think there is to the Mac Pro idea more than a miniature notebook. But I’d love to hear your take on these and other popular rumors. Sound off!



while i’ve begged for a TRUE macmini for over 10 years, i currently BEG for a MacBook ProAIR! — wharz that??

i want an AIR with a PRO inside! i have little doubt that they are capable of doing that currently. in fact, i am CERTAIN that they can.

why are they soooo focused on the iPHONE production?

APPLE is favoring the whole iPHONE industry to recruit more APPLE USERS for the future? i don’t understand? this would be the only valid excuse for abandaning the pro-apple users for the CELL PHONE MARKET!….

i really just don’t get it.

somebody PLEASE EXPLAIN… why its taking sooo long….

MacBook PRO needs a larger disc driver that’s fast 7200 rpm and a sleeker lighter design as close to the AIR as they can be while still offering PRO’z needs.

where is the “HYPE” for this? is APPLE now the world’s leading phone??

what about accelerating the devices used by those customers who built the company? whose dedication, addiction and constant praises nurtured the rise to the heights apple now stands?

uh, Hello! and i don’t mean on a CELL PHone!

uh, hello on all the other formats that us apple techno creative deigning editing film-making sound designing software developing brains and hearts are speaking from!

wake UP, APPLE!! let’s get A MOVE ON with the PRO GEAR!!



this MUST BE the CASE!

because it is THE ONLY REASON i can IMAGINE as to WHY you all are TAKING SOOOO LONG to produce something NEW & REALLY USEFUL for US PRO’z!!!

Steve, when you’ve GOT the NEW PRO, CALL ME!


Matt Hoult

I wrote and rather long comment about the MacBook mini’s rumor in the forum the other day which I’ll point at rather than taking up more room than your article. As a technician. I don’t see that being a possibility yet.

Redesigning the Mac Pro seems like a waste to me. Internally it’s great; works great and looks great. Externally the Mac Pro is sharp, elegant and God damn it I want one.

No rumors have caught my eye as yet but I would like to see redesigned MacBook Pro’s as I think it’s about time we moved from the PowerBook look.


I heard something about an apple phone. actually 3 devices in one. now THAT i’d like to see…


I agree. The subnotebook is my favorite rumor, because I want it to be true. I think a truly advanced Apple subnotebook could do very well, and not just in Japan.

Built-in Parallels-like Windows virtualization capabilities could be an excellent tool for recruting Switchers.


Apple really needs the subnotebook, or they’ll further lose out in the Japan market. It’s the number 2 consumer market in the world, and Apple is not doing well there currently.

So, if they have half a clue, a MacBookMini or something like it should be in the works.

Laptop line-ups that start at 5lbs don’t cut it in a country where most people don’t drive to work, but use the train, bus and walk.

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