USB travel shaver: is this how Chris Pirillo keeps that chest hairless?

Usb_shaverI jest on the world’s most recognized chest of course; then again, you have to wonder how someone always near a computer keeps the hair away. If you just can’t seem to unplug, but want to keep those follicles neatly trimmed, would you consider this USB Travel Shaver from eNeccessities at roughly $15?

I personally wouldn’t but the EverythingUSB folks might since that’s where I first saw this 4.5 x 2-inch rechargeable razor. Here’s the missing tagline I think this should have: "USB shavers: not just for Windows anymore"; the device is OS-agnostic and works just as well with a Mac. Ahhh….yet another reason for me to get that MacBook….I think not. What’s next: a USB ear-wax remover?!?


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