Sony UX-380N available: how many UX’s do we need?

Sony_ux_1Jenn from Pocketables shot me a note last night about an eleventh Sony UX model: the UX-380N. She says, "Other than the UX380N’s 40GB hard drive and silver casing, it is identical to the UX390N". A quick trip to the SonyStyle store verifies Jenn’s observations and you can order this handheld for $1999 direct.

My question is: when is enough essentially enough? Why have eleven or more models with different designations? Is that helping or hurting sales? Does it add confusion to a niche market that’s already confused by the purpose of these devices? I’m no marketing genius, but I’d consider just a few products in the same line and allow for consumer customization. You know it’s bad when you need this kind of comparison chart to tell the difference between all of these UX’s!


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