MS Messenger 6.0.2 is Out


So unless you haven’t seen the light (and use a chat client such as Adium, for your Messenger chatting needs) quite yet, you may be interested to hear that Microsoft has released version 6.0.2 of it’s OS X chat client, Messenger. It’s nice that they’re keeping up (somewhat) with their OS X applications, but to me, this news is not showing me “the WOW” as they say.

It’s free, so there’s that. But really, I highly recommend you check out Adium for all your chat client needs.




How can I set my my camera with the MMessenger 602? Is it just me, or wiith OS X it seems impossible..


#Phil, that’s interesting. I’ve never had a problem with personal status messages? In fact, I rely on them for my business as I use MSN as a tool to interact with my clients – allowing me to provide them with interesting factoids when I’m away.

Clients have told me that they enjoy it, so it must be working for me :)

Phil Bowell

Ian: While Adium is nicer to use, it lacks several key features, most notably the Personal Status Messages. Whilst it’s possible to get these in Adium via a jabber gateway I find it to be a bit buggy, until Adium gets these I will keep finding myself moving back to the official client!


#Saum, I use the MSN protocol exclusively but I still use Adium. It’s simply better than MS’s offering.

Nick isn’t being “overbearing” because it runs multiple protocols, he’s pushing it because it’s great!

Michael Napier

Why doesn’t MS add video conferencing to their Mac program? Yahoo has it.


All my chatting needs are serviced by MSN. Not everyone needs multiple accounts for the different chatting clients. Stop being so overbearing.

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