Keeping the Cap on Bud.TV, which critics including NewTeeVee lambasted for their byzantine age verification checks, apparently doesn’t infringe nearly well enough on your privacy for the likes of state attorney generals.

bud-tv1.jpg Now 21 states have issued a call for Anheuser-Busch to make it more restrictive. Can we also get them to pass a law against bad content while they’re at it?

YouTube Killer Redux: Fox, NBC and Viacom are once again trying to get together to build a YouTube killer, with the major sticking point being that Viacom is just so mad at Fox for buying MySpace. Meanwhile, YouTube’s anti-piracy tool will apparently only be available to companies that have signed agreements with them, effectively telling smaller rights holders to kiss off. Apparently Google only respects your copyright if you’ve actually got the legal and regulatory muscle to hold their feet to the fire.

In other news: NBC Universal is looking to be more “Customer-centric,” and if you think that means a focus on you, the viewer, you’re forgetting that NBC makes content for advertisers, not the audience. Microsoft announces video sharing site ClipRoller about three years too late. TV Week points out that with Anystream and Cauldron getting hitched, online video companies could be moving into the merger phase. And digital video startup Avidence, which is apparently focused on white-label DV solutions for the enterprise, scores a $5 million Series A round.