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I must admit the Freeware of the Moment choice today is a bit selfish as it was written specifically for a Fujitsu P1610 Tablet PC. I don’t feel too selfish as the program also works on other devices with a few caveats.  PowerTouch is a beta program I found on this GottaBeMobile forum thread that gives the user a little more control over various aspects of device power management to help eke out the maximum battery life while mobile.  It was written for a P1610 running WinXP but I can attest to the fact it runs fine under Vista, with a few caveats.

PowerTouch lets you set various settings for the LCD, CPU, HDD, and WiFi / Bluetooth to provide greater battery savings.  You can set the screen backlighting to auto-dim to a low (and configurable) dimness after a set amount of time and then to totally go dark after that.  What makes this so cool is it not only helps extend the battery life but the program also monitors the accelerometer so you can just tilt the device and bring the screen brightness up.  It also prevents the screen from dimming while you are holding it as it senses the tremors in your hand.  Well, that works on the P1610 at least.

The program is running well for me under Vista as I mentioned and it installs an icon in the system tray that shows battery level and remaining battery life.  Note that the WiFi/ Bluetooth monitoring doesn’t seem to work under Vista.  PowerTouch can be downloaded directly here.  Installation under WinXP will require the .NET Framework 2.0 to run but Vista doesn’t require it. Here’s some screens of the controls in PowerTouch:

PowerTouch LCD control PowerTouch CPU control PowerTouch Accelerometer

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Chuck Clabots

James Kendrick
Read your post on the HP TC 1100 and Vista.
Just out of curiosity. what drivers did you use for the vista install? I’ve dead ended on the graphics and tablet button drivers.

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