5 Ways to Get Work Under Control


Web work can be insidious. With laptop, cel phone, Blackberry, the web, and the rest of our digital lifestyle, we can work anywhere. For many people, that translates to working any time. And then, by degrees so gradually that you hardly notice it, “any time” becomes “every time” and web work takes over your life. You find yourself rolling out of bed at 6 in the morning to check your e-mail and still answering messages at 2 the next morning on your cel phone, just because you can.

While some people thrive on this lifestyle, others prefer a bit more balance. When you have a family, finding that balance between work and life can be critically important. If you’re caught up in the web work rat race and don’t know where to begin looking for balance, here are some ideas:

1. Set office hours for yourself. If you were going into the office, no one would expect you to be there at 11PM (well, not at most companies) – so why should you encourage your co-workers to expect you to be working at 11PM just because you work at home? Decide what your working hours are and stick to them. Stop checking e-mail, turn off the instant messenger, and don’t answer the separate business phone line after, say, 6PM. If someone from the company has to be available to handle emergencies, work with your management to set up a fair rotation so everyone swaps around the pager for this, not just you.

2. Keep your co-workers informed. It’s easy to turn into the office George (“just let George do it”) when you’re not on site. If people can’t easily see what you’re doing, the tendency is to heap more work on your plate, especially if you’re the only web worker on an otherwise physical team. To combat this tendency, make sure the rest of the team knows what you’re up to. Keep your calendar and task list visible using web- or network-based tools. Send out e-mail progress reports. Show up for those weekly conference calls, no matter how annoying they are.

3. Learn to say no. Many web workers have an entrepreneurial bent, and remember some lean months when the only food in the kitchen was a half-empty jar of peanut butter. If you’ve got a full pantry now, perhaps you don’t have to grab for every job that comes your way any longer? Freelancers need to learn to suppress the automatic “yes” that comes out for every potential client, and instead evaluate jobs strategically. Does this work fit into your schedule? Is the rate reasonable? Is it something you should pass off to a colleague who might be less busy than you are right now, or more suited for this particular job?

4. Pursue your other passions. You’ve probably heard this before, but: most people aren’t going to look back on their deathbeds and wish they had spent more time at work. Take time out to apply some of your energy to your other passions, whatever they may be. Hiking, stamp collecting, writing, raising chinchillas, knitting – make the time to follow your interests and enjoy yourself. You’re likely to find that people treat you as a more interesting person if you can talk about something other than your work, too. If you’re a high-intensity person who is driven to succeed, you don’t have to change that; just let yourself apply those traits outside your work as well as within it.

5. Think about your life goals. Whether you do it with a newfangled web interface like 43 Things or an old-fashioned paper journal, take some time to ask yourself what’s important in your life. Are you working 24/7 just because it’s the easy default thing to do with your life? If you are, it might be time to take a long weekend at the beach or in the mountains (without that Blackberry!) and just think about what you really want to do. Sometimes this sort of mini-vacation is all you need to get yourself to back off from a life of nothing-but-work.

Is it possible to be a web worker and still draw reasonable boundaries? Do you have your own strategies for keeping work from taking over your life?



I find it hard to focus… I have 30 passions… any advice on that? if i did focus on one passion… i get bored and move to the next one without finishing previous hobby,work,project,etc


Carolyn Clarke

Hi Mike,
I sure agree with your five points, especially “Pursuing Your Passions!” How easy it is to let a crowded lifestyle slowly eliminate those personal interests.

Being a teacher and author of work and life balance myself, I emphasize how important it is to address six key aspects of life in order to live a balanced life…
– physical wellbeing,
– emotional wellbeing,
– mental / attitudinal wellbeing,
– social / intimate relationships,
– spiritual / creativity wellbeing
and lastly,
– work life wellbeing.

Unless they are all being addressed as best as possible, the balance wheel will always remain lopsided.

You’ve addressed a few key points to help improve the quality of people’s work life, but also make your readers think about bigger life issues… right on.

If I may I offer two other key points that can also help make an impactful difference to a person’s life, they would include;

1. Set really clear boundaries on our time and energy, both at work and at home. Though it can sometimes be challenging to establish, it will ultimately serve our balance ability better. We may even be more respected for taking a clear stand and comitting to life principles.

2. Always delegate when possible! Prioritize those tasks that are vital, those that are needed and those that are desired … and work first to accomplish the vitals before going on to the others. Hire out when possible!

Thanks for your good tips. If interested, I offer free Work and Life Balance tools… come visit.

Warmly, Carolyn Clarke

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Yomi Adegboye

I learnt to say no very early as a web worker. Where I live, it is common for clients to make outrageous demands, and I just told myself my values are more important than some extra cash.

Where I often run into trouble (I own my own business) is when I have something exciting I am working on. My wife has to coax (or threaten) me to get up and come have a meal. That gets her piqued. Even when I do get off my desk, my smartphone is handy and I simply switch tools, but stay working.

She once wondered out loud whether she would have married me had she known I was this addicted to the PC, smartphone and internet. I’m working on it though. No; my marriage is not going to be sacrificed for web work.


I’m not an independent, and so saying yes isn’t directly linked to my billable hours. Saying no is hard for me, though. I’m the canary in the telecommuting coal mine and I feel a lot of pressure to not mess it up for those who would hope to follow in my slipper-steps. I tend to both over-promise and over-deliver as a result. That’s the kind of problem your boss is not likely complain about, but maybe s/he should.

Anne Zelenka

I’m having the hardest time with #3 right now: learning to say no. It’s easy to say no to the unappealing stuff, but there’s so much to do that sounds like fun.

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