When free WiFi isn’t WiFi

Today I am playing Dad/ Grand-dad and dropped my daughter and her family off at a wedding.  They are going to attend the wedding and stay for a while at the reception afterwards which is in the same place so I decided I’d drop them off and then head to the nearest Starbuck’s and get some writing done.  Of course, the best of plans get changed at the last minute and just before I got to the Starbuck’s I saw a Chick-fil-A restaurant and I heard their chicken nuggets calling.

Entering the restaurant I was surprised to see a “Free WiFi” sign on the door so I decided to hang out a little while after eating my nuggets before leaving for the Starbuck’s.  I think it’s delightful that there are more businesses like Chick-fil-A that see the benefit of providing WiFi for customers like me and since I’m always on the lookout for good WiFi outlets that I can patronize I usually make it a habit to return to such businesses once I find them.

In the case of this Chick-fil-A restaurant it was a case of a good intent but short on execution.  The WiFi wouldn’t connect and although I could see the network nothing I could do would connect me up.  I asked the girl at the counter if the WiFi was working and she told me it had been down for days.  Oh well, like I said a good idea but lousy execution.  Mobile guy that I am it wasn’t a total loss as I just popped in my Verizon EV-DO Rev A card and worked away anyway (I’m writing this in the restaurant now).  It’s just sad that I won’t make an effort to come back to this restaurant as I would only do so for the WiFi.  Unfortunately, I run into this all the time, particularly with small businesses who want to do something to add benefit to patrons but either due to lack of expertise or to not putting much importance on the service they let the service stay down if there’s a problem.  It’s just too common to find the advertised WiFi not working.


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