New Fujitsu P1610 Vista audio driver!

My time at the Starbuck’s this afternoon was very well spent as I took the time to check everywhere for a Vista audio driver from Fujitsu that was a later version number than the one on the Fujitsu support site.  The only driver Fujitsu has published on the US support site is 5274 and they still haven’t updated it even though every P1610 owner is reporting the same problems with the Vista audio system that I have reported.

New Vista audio driver

I decided to have a look at the Fujitsu Singapore support site and guess what I discovered?  The only audio driver posted on that site is version 5290, clearly a later version than the one on the US site.  I downloaded and installed it and it works!  The playback volume is now as loud as it was under XP and more importantly both the headphone jack and the internal microphone works too.  I do find that as soon as I start an application (like Skype) that grabs the microphone it immediately mutes it but if I keep the microphone control panel applet open I can unmute it and the mic level is adequate and a test Skype voice mail I left for Kevin worked perfectly.  At least Kevin said it sounded perfect and I recorded it in the noisiest `Starbuck’s on the planet.  This is great news and alleviates the last real problem I had under Vista.  I would love to hear the upgrade experience from anyone who gives this new driver a shot.


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