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Joost, Now in Delicious Apple Flavor

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Om reports over on GigaOM that Joost, previously known as The Venice Project, has released a beta version of the application for Mac users. This should at least make the users who got one of the invites NewTeeVee handed out happy, and get Joost better press in the blogosphere (which often seems a bit skewed towards Mac users).

Update: As commenter grandin pointed out, the Mac beta has been pulled, with a re-release promised shortly.

6 Responses to “Joost, Now in Delicious Apple Flavor”

  1. Did you see the WSJ piece about Joost getting a broad licensing deal from Viacom, in revenge for YouTube I guess.

    If true, and if they get things like, say the Daily Show and Colbert Report, they are going to get huge pretty quickly

  2. For the moment it looks like it ain’t even intel – they pulled the beta. From Dirk-Willem van Gulik’s post today (all errors sic):

    “We’re temporarily suspending the download of the Mac OS X client while we fix a rather severe problem in the platform specific section of the code. The Windows version is fine.

    Apologies for this – but to some extent this is the inevitable result of being on the bleeding edge of a beta.

    We’ll probably have a new version for you later today.”