Customers being told of OQO Model 02 shipping delays


I just heard from a jkOnTheRun reader who has pre-ordered an OQO Model 02 from Dynamism and was told of shipping delays by OQO.  Here’s the quoted shipping estimates for the various models:


Windows XP (any version Home, Pro, or Tablet) with NO integrated wireless module, or with Sprint integrated wireless module
– Estimated week of March 19

Windows Vista with no module, or Windows Vista with Sprint module
– Early to Mid April

Windows Vista with Verizon module
– Estimated week of April 16th

Hopefully OQO will start getting these devices out the door as a lot of people have preordered them and are anxiously awaiting getting them in their hands.



Why would the Sony (assuming we are talking about the VGN-UX) suck more than the OQO?

John in Norway

I’m one of the unlucky ones who has preordered this. I can’t complain though because I remember the delays they had with the first model. I think that was delayed by about four months in the end. Hopefully I’ll get mine before the summer!

Steve Paine

I heard that the Medion VIA-based device was delayed too.

Echoes of 2006 UMPC shipping delays!!

It just upsets customers in the end. Why do they bother trying to launch at CES. A launch this week would have had a much better effect due to the lack of any other news available.


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