Call out to Fujitsu P1610 owners running Vista- what’s the state of your audio?


I have been chronicling my experience running Vista on the Fujitsu P1610 since I went totally Vista a few weeks back.  The only remaining issue I have is the SigmaTel Audio drivers that Fujitsu posted as soon as Vista was released publicly.  I still have problems with the audio performance, especially with the recording abilities.  I tried uninstalling the Fujitsu Vista drivers and went back to the native drivers installed by Vista but that only lasted a few days as the volume level was too low at the maximum volume setting and the headphone jack didn’t work.  The internal microphone was also not recognized and wouldn’t work as a result.  Due to all these problems I reinstalled the Fujitsu drivers and am back to the original audio problems, namely that the recording quality sucks.  This is a shame as the SigmaTel audio under Windows XP were one of the main strengths of performance since it’s a high-definition audio device.

I’d like to hear from other P1610 owners who have upgraded to Vista about their experiences, especially regarding the audio situation.  I’ve been watching the Fujitsu support site but they have not upgraded the driver yet.  I’m trying to determine if my experience is just a fluke or if others are still living with inferior audio under Vista.  Maybe we can pool our collective information and make something happen.


Nancy Moore

I love my new P1610, but am not so thrilled with the sound.(OS is XP running Tablet PC) I was searching for info on what to expect to determine whether there was a hardware or drivers problem OR my expectations are too high. Sounds like you all think the sound with the XP drivers should be good, so now I am concerned that I may have a problem.

Listening to DVDs on an external SONY drive, it seems like the sound balance is out of whack – the dialogue is very faint under the sound effects in many scenes. Even at MAX volume using every volume control I can find (DVD player slider, Windows volume control, keyboard sound controls) I still couldn’t hear the dialogue well using quality headphones. I am wondering how I will hear ANYTHING on a plane.

Thoughts anyone?


I found a later version audio driver on the Fujitsu Singapore support site. Check the front page.

Skip Coghill

I attempted my first recording tonight with my P1610 under Vista Ultimate with Fujitsu drivers using the sticky notes application. This is just using the built-in mic on the machine.

It is recording but when I play it back if I hold the unit up to my ear I can just barely hear my voice ever so slightly. So I also am batting zero on any use of the record options.

I was going to call Fujitsu tech support but after my past fiasco with them trying to help I am coming away with they don’t have any ideas what’s going on with Vista. They seem behind even us users. They are a great bunch of Canuck chaps but seem out of touch with Vista.


I had the same problem with my 1st P1610 running XP Tablet, I had a replacement the next day, it seems it is also a hardware problem.. I am waiting for my upgrade DVD to arrive, I will let you know my situation once I have the upgrade on my desk

Brian Horsfield


I have upgraded to Vista Ultimate and have exactly the same experience as you. The mic has almost zero volume and is rendered virtually useless. I found that i could change mic proprties from studio quality to dvd quality and it helped a little. I went through the same tests that you mention with the same results (or lack of ’em) so its not a problem with your machine – its the drivers!

Not sure what we can do about this but how hard can it be to get working mic drivers? Keep this crusade rolling and maybe we can get Fujitsu to reviewthis problem.

I would be interested to know your Vista performance scores. My weak link is CPU at 2.7. Otherwise the performance is pretty good i’m also using Readyboost with a 2gb card and i think it helps.

The only thing that i’m not liking about Vista is the disk thrashing after boot up. I’ve disabled all the applications that i can think of that might cause the activity (indexing, virus protection etc) and it still does it. Any ideas why?

The other major issue i have is that the graphics capability is more restriced under Vista than XP. I use an external monitor with native resolution that isnt supported under Vista. However when i go back to XP, no problem, the resolution is available in the properties dialogue. I’ve no idea why that should be?

However, faults aside i’m enjoying Vista and find it hard to go back to XP which i still have on a different partition

Cheers, Brian


You seem really dedicated to your P1610 James, have you checked out the the Fujitsu P-series forums over at ?

I’m sure some of the P1610 owner over there can help you out with this problem cause I havent seen anyone mention it on the forum so far.

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