When Visor Gets Too Big


If you tinker in the Terminal (yeah I’m falling behind on weekly Unix tips, they’ll be back. Promise.) you may also be into Visor – from Blacktree – which we covered here. Apparently there is a bug in Visor that causes it to grow by a line (height-wise) each time Terminal is relaunched. I hadn’t actually recognized this issue until I read about the fix for it on MacOSXHints today. It’s little more than a command you enter into your Shell Startup file and execute when Visor gets too large. So I implemented the fix and it works great. So if Visor is growing out of control on you, now there’s a simple way to fix it.



Not much to logging in as >console. I get an error from getty about not being able to do anything with /dev/console because the device doesn’t support it? I’ll have to try again and write the error down.

Grant (divigation)

There is no console access once Aqua launches, you have to use an application to access it, whether it be Terminal or something else. You can access the console directly by logging in as >console at the login screen, but there is no way to switch without an application.


I didn’t know about visor until today. Cool I thought, linux-like switching to the command prompt. What I didn’t realise, is that you still have to start Terminal in order to use visor – so what’s the point?

I want real console(s), like in Linux. Anyone know how?


I actually uninstalled visor at one point due to this exact problem. Eventually I reinstalled it, and fixed the issue using a tip from the visor docs page (http://docs.blacktree.com/visor/visor):

Changing window options

The terminal window inspector works, but only if it is opened for the first time when visor is frontmost.

1. Switch to Terminal.app
2. Bring up Visor’s window
3. Choose “Window Settings” from the Terminal menu
4. Settings are saved when Visor hides.
5. If you get “No Terminal Selected”, you need to relaunch terminal and for it to work.


Note that this does not work unless the instructions are followed exactly.

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