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Tax, Tax Baby

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Everyone’s, uh, ‘favorite’ Dallas MC, Vanilla Ice, has turned his, um, ‘fame’ into a gig pitching a UGC contest sponsored by TurboTax. Upload your verse about taxes and you get this year’s installent of TurboTax for free. There’s also a $25,000 grand prize for the best performance. Nothing says “keepin’ it real” like exploring the intracacies of amortizing the value of stocked inventory in musical rhyme.

Not since “The Rappin’ Granny” have West African music and poetry traditions been so mercilessly abused. It’s so bad, it actually makes me nostalgic for the old Vanilla Ice. Also, I have a feeling if Vint Cerf or Tim Berners-Lee sees this, they may wonder if this whole Interweb thing was such a good idea after all.