Revisit: Overflow vs Login Items

A few weeks ago I covered Login Items and there was a little discussion that arose over better ways to launch some of those services. The discussion revolved mostly around the use of Overflow in place of clogging your startup process with tons of Login Items.

So I removed all the applications from my Login Items list, and populated them into Overflow – making Overflow the only application that would launch upon Login. My system would come to an up state a little faster than it had before, but then I had to manually – using Overflow – launch each of the apps for use. I did this for 3 or 4 weeks to get a feel for it as part of my ‘workflow’ if you will.

I’ve decided that ultimately, it speeds the login procedure a bit, but just adds the time saved to the backend, when I have to then launch things manually. Since I rely on all these applications, there’s no sense launching them on my own when I need them – I always need them. So at least for me, using the Login Items as my mode of pertinent app launching, is far desirable.

Having done it the other way for a month, I’m fairly set in my decision. But if I’m missing some point that makes the a non-Login Items scenario better, please enlighten me.


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