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More ‘Free’ Phone Call Providers Offline

The fallout from the AT&T lawsuit against so-called “free” phone call providers continued Friday, with the service going offline. According to the blog of Allfreecalls CEO Pat Phelan, the company’s provider in Iowa “took flight due to increasing pressure from a large USA based carrier.”

Phelan, whose headquarters are in Ireland, vows to have the service working again next week, advising users to watch the Allfreecalls site or his blog for updates. Currently, calls to the number, 712-858-8094, are directed to call another number, which has been disconnected. More as we learn more.

6 Responses to “More ‘Free’ Phone Call Providers Offline”

  1. What the hell is wrong with you. By you, I mean anyone that thinks people should be forced to pay 300 to 1000 doLLARS a month just to talk to friends and family around the world. Oh and airfare that’s another issue. Yeah right! I think nikolev works or invested into let’s say ATNT.

  2. Nikolay, I find it difficult to sympathise with your concern over AT&T welfare as “abusing the system” within legal limits is the only way the Telco lobby, the monolopists and a weak FCC have left open to innovative industry mavericks to operate in the voice market.
    More abuse please.
    More products that people want, at the price they want to pay for them.
    Less AT&T ;-)

  3. No, it’s not just AT&T, but they have the money to sue. Schemes like prevent VoIP from offering real unlimited calling plans, because a constantly increasing number of people will be abusing the system, make tons of very expensive calls and the providers will have to react.

  4. Nikolay, are you serious? Oh, poor AT&T. They work hand in hand with the regulators to set up monopolist schemes and then run to the courts to stop anybody who doesn’t play by their rules. Not that they win in court, mind you, but they make the start-up, innovative, entrepreneurial guy drop the service because he can’t pay to fight AT&T, even though he’s ultimately right. If this loophole needs to be shut, that’s one thing (and, by the way, the entire USF and rural subsidies issue needs to be fixed…I have a hard time feeling for the citizens of Telluride, CO getting free phone service from the government). But give me a break. AT&T is the new AT&T, just like the old AT&T. Non-innovator. Gouger. Monopolist. Lawyer filled, government back office puppetteer, etc. Don’t shed too many tears for them.

  5. Schemes like WILL NOT and SHOULD NOT survive. They are plain wrong. If the lawsuit does not end the schemes, I hope mobile operators and VoIP providers to start blocking the access numbers of such services. I can’t believe that US consumers are selling their morals so cheaply. At the end, there are so many low cost unlimited plans to those destinations. At the end, think about it – OK, you save one penny per minute, but that minute costs AT&T 7 cents per minute. Then, half of those 7 cents go straight into the pocket of foreign nationals that really don’t care that AT&T will try to compensate from the loss one way or another, i.e. the US consumer will pay for it anyway. It’s plain wrong and it’s time to end it!