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“Live Earth” Megaconcerts Coming July 7; MSN Secures Online Deal

On July 7, Al Gore is taking over the world. The politician, activist, and Oscar nominee announced (along with “Live 8” executive producer Kevin Wall, now CEO of Control Room; actor Cameron Diaz; and hip-hop producer Pharrell Williams) that on that date seven concerts will take place, one on each of the seven continents, to spread Gore’s warnings on climate change. Variety reported that “the July 7 events will kick off a “mass persuasion campaign” intended to take his efforts against global warming to the next level. He said the campaigns will outline ways that viewers, companies and governments can take action.” The usual avalanche of high-profile pop stars will take part.
If this sounds a lot like a supercharged Live 8, which took place in July 2005, you’re right. AOL streamed the event, to much acclaim, and its on-demand service after the event pulled in more than 8.5 million unique visitors in the week after the show, roughly 10 times more than the service used to get at the time. This time, as the Washington Post reported, producer Kevin Wall “is gunning for saturation coverage. The concerts will be streamed by MSN, and broadcast by NBC. The satellite radio groups Sirius and XM will feature the shows.” And those are just the U.S. deals. What the Post characterized as “similar arrangements” are being made on the other nations hosting the shows: Australia, Brazil, China, Japan, London, and South Africa. The BBC has British rights. (The U.S. show will be in either New York or Washington.) Wall promised a total audience of two billion. We’ll see about that. No word yet on who which performers will be playing in Antarctica, where, as the Post points out so helpfully, “temperatures in July at the South Pole Station average minus-56 degrees Fahrenheit.” MSN’s involvement may have been inevitable, as Microsoft has an exclusive partnership with Control Room (formerly Network Live), Wall’s company, to air webcasts.
Live 8 succeeded because it had a large, diverse set of performers who performed in unexpected configurations (U2 with Paul McCartney, Pink Floyd reunited). It also had the news hook of the G8 Summit. Just hours after the announcement of this event, it looks like it could be very popular. And with online a much more mainstream medium and broadband somewhat more widespread than it was three years ago, it will be interesting to see what MSN does with it. The site is up already.
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