RealNetworks Gaming Growth Despite Lower Income


As the year goes on, more casual game companies are reporting record sales for 2006. With the proliferation of new technology and heightened awareness of what’s out there now, sales are up across the board. RealNetworks, online media company and casual game producer/publisher, has reported its earnings for Q4 and 2006 overall, and even though they’re a little odd, they’re still pleasing.

According to Gamasutra, Real’s profits in the fourth quarter reached up to $125.6 million, up 50 percent from last years $80.6 million, with downloadable gaming being accountable for $23.9 million of that figure and showing a total of $86.2 million worth of gaming for the year. however, the years revenue was down substantially. The reason attributed for most of the discrepancy between 2005 and 2006 is that Real won an antitrust suit against Microsoft during 2005. However, though profits were lower, Bob Glaser, Chairman and CEO of RealNetworks is optimistic and gave reason for hope in 2007 as Real expects revenue to fall between $540 million and $560 million for the year.

“2006 was a very successful year for RealNetworks,” said Glaser. “We are pleased to report another year of record revenue and strong profitability. In addition to the company’s financial achievements, 2006 was a year of important strategic achievements for Real that set us up for our next phase of growth.”

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