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MILK For Your Mac

It seems to be the ongoing meme – Post a photo of your workspace. Just about every mac forum around the web has a thread devoted to it, flickr groups abound, even TUAW usually posts a rig of the week. We love showing off our Macs and the super cool (or cluttered) work spaces we use them in. Well I present to you, the ultimate space in which to use your Mac.

This is MILK. It’s “like an iPod, without the playlists”… Just go look, because trying to explain it, or present a picture free of explanation would just ruin the experience for you. It’s basically the desk Jon Ives would create for his super sleek Apple machines. This is one sweet desk.

Donations to the Nick Santilli MILK fund can be made through our contact page…

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28 Responses to “MILK For Your Mac”

  1. David Nutley

    I really like this desk, but I can’t help feeling that a large part of the (hefty) price-tag has gone on the electronic raising and lowering mechanism.

    Who needs one of those?

    Having set the height of your desk on day one, why on earth would you ever want to change it again? A manual (cheaper) process would surfice if for some reason you ever DID want to change that desk height. It’s still nice though, but the things I like about it shouldn’t make it cost quite that much…

    • Michele Taylor

      Actually, quite a few people need a desk with electric adjustability. I’m disabled. I need to be able to sit for a while to work, then to stand for a while to work. This desk is the answer to my prayers, combining this functionality with beautiful form.

  2. Where do I put my scanner, printer, external HD, and external DVD-RW? Sure it looks pretty sleek but if you have multiple devices it doesn’t offer you a lot of space for them. Has a number of smart idea or at least a couple of neat ones but they need to design it better to fit humans and real computer setups.

  3. I don’t think that desk is that great. Those corners look sharp. That’s almost enough to kill it. The fishtank is inhumane which really bothers me. It says the desk raises and lowers electronically, which means I have to plug in my desk? If I’m going to plug in my desk, how about some handy built in power strips? Also, if I want a printer, it’s all the sudden not so attractive.

    Also, the website totally sucks.

    I think they are onto something here, but I’d wait until rev 2 comes out. More work in this direction, but this isn’t quite it.

  4. Not impressed. It looks a hydrolic car lift. The compartments are cute and all, but where does your Tower or Mini go? In fact, why does your laptop just sit there out in the open? Shouldn’t they have though about that when they were making room for a fish tank?

  5. Hmm. Thom, I don’t see anything desireable about the desk you linked other than it’s pretty. It may be built much better than your run of the mill office depot glass workbench. The features set the MILK apart.

    I’d have to use one to be sure, but the central support seems narrow enough and set back enough not to interfere with legs.

  6. Sure it looks cool, but what the hell is the support doing right in the middle of the desk? That’s where your legs go. That’s just dumb. Another case of form and function ahead of ergonomics.

  7. Absolutely brilliant, and about damn time. I can’t tell you how many years I’ve been looking for desks that aren’t the same old particle board and veneer with standardized cubbyholes and shelves that aren’t really helpful!

    Milk looks great, and I’d probably buy one, but I hope this is more an indication of people breaking the mold as well. I want more excellent designs like this.