I will/won’t buy a MacBook soon

Macbook_1You know it’s bad when you don’t take your own advice. We often get questions about "device X", with people asking: "Should I get device X or should I wait until the upgraded device Y, I’m hearing about?". Our answer tends to be the same: if you keep waiting for the next best device, you’ll always be waiting. If there’s a device that meets your more important needs now, you should consider it.

So I really can’t explain why I keep waiting to buy a MacBook. First it was waiting for the Intel chipset adoption. Then I waited for dual Core CPUs. Now I’m sitting here saying: maybe an "Apple special event" next week will introduce MacBooks with Leopard. Either way, I’m not practicing what I preach on this one. If you’ve been waiting, you might want to check out Amazon as they’re offering a $75, $100 and even $200 rebates on the MacBook line. Funny, you have to buy the unit by 2/20, which just happens to be the special event date: maybe they’re dumping current MacBooks for something new next week? Oh….there I go again……


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