I will/won’t buy a MacBook soon


Macbook_1You know it’s bad when you don’t take your own advice. We often get questions about "device X", with people asking: "Should I get device X or should I wait until the upgraded device Y, I’m hearing about?". Our answer tends to be the same: if you keep waiting for the next best device, you’ll always be waiting. If there’s a device that meets your more important needs now, you should consider it.

So I really can’t explain why I keep waiting to buy a MacBook. First it was waiting for the Intel chipset adoption. Then I waited for dual Core CPUs. Now I’m sitting here saying: maybe an "Apple special event" next week will introduce MacBooks with Leopard. Either way, I’m not practicing what I preach on this one. If you’ve been waiting, you might want to check out Amazon as they’re offering a $75, $100 and even $200 rebates on the MacBook line. Funny, you have to buy the unit by 2/20, which just happens to be the special event date: maybe they’re dumping current MacBooks for something new next week? Oh….there I go again……



I should just sell my C2D MacBook Pro at a deep discount so I can get a Q1P. Tempting thought. :)

Tax Man

I really enjoy using my MacBook as a Windows/OSX machine. I set up XP Pro in Boot Camp and can access it either by rebooting into windows or through Parallels. Parallels is noticeably slower than Boot Camp if there’s a lot of disk i/o in particular but it definitely has it’s place in my workflow. That coherence mode in Parallels is genius. I have my windows task bar and my OSX taskbar both at the bottom of the screen. I can choose to hide one or both if I prefer. I can run any app any time and mix and match between my favorite Mac and PC applications. The keyboard is a bit wierd to go back and forth between environments. I keep activating that darn guy in windows that reads what’s on your screen (accessibility dude). Otherwise, it’s a sweet combo. I went with the white top end model with 2GB RAM and the C2D processor and 80GB drive. Go for it!

Kevin C. Tofel

Good question! For the same reason I’ve run Ubuntu at various times: to become a more well-rounded computer user. I’ve already had Windows notebooks from Dell, HP, Compaq, Toshiba and more, but I haven’t used a Mac in many years. The compelling reason right now is the ability to run both Mac OS X as well XP / Vista with the Parallels Coherence feature. Any time your hardware can be flexible so you can use best-of-breed software (regardless of OS), you’ve got a winner in my book. Will it take the place of a touchscreen UMPC or digitized Tablet? No, but it has its place just like my UMPC does. Or at least that’s what I hope to find out. :)


Sorry for asking a question you’ve probably already answered, but why do you even want a Macbook? They are terrific notebooks (aside from the lack of digitizer), but I don’t understand the fascination with the Macbook. Actually, I don’t understand why you’d want an inkless notebook at all, but it’s the Mac fascination that most escapes me.


I agree with your advice.

However, do you really NEED a new MacBook right now? It sounds like you don’t…

I have been eyeing for a new PowerMac since the G5 came out. But then I was waiting for the Intel Mac Pro. Then that was released but I was waiting for “version 2.0” so the bugs could be worked out. But fact of matter is, my current PowerMac G4 still serves me pretty well and I am not desperately in need of an upgrade. That has been my excuse for waiting at least ;)

Raphael Salgado

How about I’ll give you my Dell XPS M1210 notebook and you can buy me a MacBook? I think that would be a good deal for you… ;)


I know what you mean Kevin, that’s why last November I finally broke down and got the MacBook Pro C2D or I would of bein waiting for ever LOL. I run Win XP PRO on it using Boot Camp and using Parallels also works great. I also use my Q1P for my work since I have to travel a lot and it more poratable plus like you said if it works for you then its a good idea to get it so I got it.

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